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Christian e-books on Biblical Discipleship, Revival, Suffering, and Missions according to NT Church Principles.
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e-books  Rediscover the legacy of the world’s greatest Christian classic rewritten for this generation. Obtain light and solace amidst sorrow’s swirling clouds of confusion and despair. Equipping from the Lord’s armory with weapons of truth and righteousness will fit you for a lifetime of service.
Hi, I’m Steve.

I've been a friend of Jesus for more than forty years now. I’d like to share with you some of my life lessons gained in the fellowship of Christ’s suffering and service.

Here’s what I know:

Insightful Truth: encouraging the fainthearted, building up the weak, assaulting the madness, comforting the sorrowing, discipling the zealous, and instructing in the narrow way of the Lord Jesus.

Insightful Truth: where biblical truth meets the realities of life, cutting through the superficial, soft, sweet, self-centeredness of the present religious landscape.

Insightful Truth: where a forum for earnest exchange of thought can be explored with respect and integrity.

Insightful Truth: where resources are available to speed you on your way to strengthening of character, deepening love, and greater conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ.